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제목 2021년 1월 Analog Devices 신제품 소개
작성자 analogworld1
작성일자 2021-02-08

AD7606C-18 : 8-Channel DAS with 18-bit 1MSPS Bipolar Input Simultaneous Sampling ADC

8-Channel DAS with 18-Bit 1MSPS ADC for measurement accuracy and higher integration

AD9083 : 16 Channel, 125MHz Bandwidth, Low Power, JESD204B ADC

16-channel Sigma Delta ADC ideal for phased array radar applications

ADA4355 : High-speed Photodetector Receiver μModule®

High speed Photodetector Receiver μModule® in industry’s smallest form factor

LTC2672 : Five Channel, low dropout 3 - 300mA Current Source Output 16bit Softspan DAC

Five-channel Current Source DAC simplifies current biasing signal chains

LT3960 : I2C to CAN-Physical Transceiver

I2C to CAN-Physical Transceiver transmits data in harsh environments

LTC4372/73 : Low Quiescent Current Ideal Diode Controllers

Low quiescent current Ideal Diode Controllers for battery powered applications

LTM8051 : Quad 40VIN Silent Switcher® μModule® Regulator with Configurable 1.2A Output Array

Silent Switcher® μModule® regulator is CISPR22 Class B compliant for noise sensitive applications

ADSP-2156x : High-Performance SHARC+® DSP (Up to 1 GHz) Family

Single SHARC+ core, high-performance DSP family with up to 1 GHz processor variant

ADMV8818 : Digitally Tunable Filter 2 to 18 GHz

Ultra-flexible 2 to 18 GHz Digitally Tunable Filter streamlines and simplifies system design

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