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제목 Better Smoke Detection Solutions from ADI
작성자 analogworld1
작성일자 2021-02-09

Smoke Detector Reference Design

► The hardware (EVAL-CN0537-ARDZ) is for prototyping and solution evaluation.

A tested and verified UL 217 smoke detection algorithm is embedded as part of the installer for evaluation.

► The data (EVAL-CN0537-DATA) package provides an extensive number (1000+) of smoke datasets taken at UL 217 certified facilities for those who wish to develop their own algorithm.

It includes the CN-0537 source code for initialization, calibration, environmental compensation, and data preprocessing—but excludes the detection algorithm.

► The algorithm (EVAL-CN0537-ALGO) package includes everything in the data package and adds a UL certified smoke detection algorithm and associated algorithm project files.


Optical Module for Smoke Detection

► Supports UL 217 8th edition/UL 268 7th edition, EN 54; GB; ISO

• Lowers nuisance alarms using dual wavelength detection with higher SNR and dynamic range

► On-chip calibration reduces end of line calibration requirements

► Ultra low power (25 μW average in a four pulse configuration) dissipation enables smaller/cheaper batteries


► Space-saving integrated module (3.8 mm × 5 mm × 0.9 mm) with one blue LED, one IR LED, two photodiodes, and an AFE

• Enables more industrial design options

• Simplifies EMC design

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